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Part of the California State PTA’s social media program is a campaign from the Health & Community Concerns Commission that focuses on a different topic each month, bringing great information and links to resources on topics such as suicide prevention, child abuse prevention, mental health, homeless children and families, bullying and cyber bullying. Get connected by following California State PTA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Action for Healthy Kids

california action for healthy kidsAction for Healthy Kids provides a variety of tools and resources to help schools implement health and wellness programs that can help your school become a place where kids learn to lead healthier lives, eat nutritious foods, are physically active and better prepared to learn each day.

Impact Teen Drivers

Automobile collisions have been the leading cause of death for American teens for generations. Since 2007, Impact Teen Drivers (ITD) has emerged as a leading non‐profit organization dedicated to reversing this pervasive yet 100% preventable crisis. ITD does this through a nationwide educational program that confronts the dangers and consequences of reckless and distracted driving. With free online materials and programs ITD empowers people to make meaningful behavioral changes in their own driving habits, as well as to promote safe driving in their community.

Not In Our Schools

Not In Our Schools is a program that creates safe, accepting and inclusive school communities. Not In Our School provides training, films, lesson plans and resources that inspire students to take the lead in standing up to bullying and intolerance in their schools.