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Leadership Made Easy 2020-21

Hello incoming PTA leaders!
On these pages you will find a wealth of materials to help you have a great 2020-21 PTA year. This will be anything but a “normal” school year. Nonetheless, PTA is still – perhaps more than ever – a vital connection between schools, families, and the community. Families are looking for the latest information, and schools are checking for the wants and needs of students and their families. It is prime time for PTA to be a vehicle for honest communication and dissemination of the most current information.

The flyers, brochures and documents in each section of Leadership Made Easy complement the Online Toolkit, and are designed to help you in all aspects of running your PTA, from advocating for children’s issues, to gaining members, to learning about the education system, to understanding your bylaws. You’ll find all you need to know to make your job easier and positively impact the lives of children and families.

Please use the links on the left margin of the page, or within each sub-section below, to navigate through the pages and sections that are relevant to you, and share the links (or printouts) with other members of your board. Sharing resources and empowering others is part of what makes leadership groups successful!

Click here to download a PDF of the Leadership Made Easy packet in English (does not include Running Your PTA…Made Easy). Click here for Spanish.

Click here to download a PDF of Running Your PTA…Made Easy in English. Click here for Spanish.

For PTA Presidents and Officers

Click each job title to access resources that will make your PTA job easier:


  • Calendar reminders and due dates
  • Online Toolkit


  • Financial Filing Requirements
  • Insurance Premium Increase Notice


  • Resources, Awards and Incentives
  • Member Perks
  • Electronic Membership flyer and FAQs
  • Tools & Resources to Help Build Membership and Market Your PTA
  • PTA For Your Child marketing flyer


  • PTA Bylaws Review – 4 Key Steps
  • CAPTA Electronic Bylaws Program


  • Join the PTA Community on Social Media
  • Social Media Theme Kit
  • Social Media PTA Advocacy Chart


  • Running Your PTA…Made Easy

Children’s Issues and Advocacy

Click each topic to access information that will help your PTA speak up to positively impact the lives of all children and families:

Advocacy and Legislation

  • Advocacy Goals Flyer
  • Legislation Conference Save-the-Date flyer
  • Monthly Advocacy Webinar flyer


  • Distance Learning
  • Supporting Student Success
  • Measuring Progress
  • Discover Together – Next Generation Science Standards flyer

Family Engagement

  • Partners in Success
  • PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships
  • Tips for Year-Round Engagement
  • School Smarts Program
  • Engaging Families During Distance Learning

Health & Community Concerns

  • Resources and Information

Programs & Services

The following programs and services from California State PTA will help your local unit succeed:

Additional Resources

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