PTA Leaders

Working with School Leaders

School leaders and the PTA are partners in education. Whether at the county, school district, or local school level, school leaders such as teachers, administrators and superintendents can help ensure that a PTA is an informed and contributing part of the school community. PTA leaders and members often take their cues from the administrator’s direction. An administrator’s active support, cooperation, and inspiration are vital to the success of a PTA.

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PTAPrincipalSchool leaders and the PTA represent two important groups on the school: staff and parents. Here are some suggestions for nurturing this important partnership.

Set the Tone

  • Building a relationship is important
  • Sense of collaboration
  • Being part of the team
  • Active participation at the school

Two-Way Communication

  • Establish a meeting calendar with the principal early in the year
  • Keep administrator informed of events, activities or concerns
  • Share information from State/National PTA with site administrator
  • Share information on setting dates for activities in conjunction with principal

Collaborating with the School

  • Be aware of the school’s improvement needs and focus
  • Offer to bring PTA’s help in reaching the goals set by school and its staff
  • Ensure PTA members are actively involved in school site councils, governance teams, or related committees

Training Opportunities

  • Offer to provide parent training at the school
  • Offer materials relevant to the needs of the school found in the Toolkit
  • Invite principal to leadership activities sponsored by State/National PTA

School District Level Involvement

  • Be an active member of school district level committees
  • Use school district’s master calendar to become aware of activities where PTA’s presence is needed
  • Request an opportunity to provide a presentation at school board meetings

Build a Strong Team

  • Ask for the principal’s help in encouraging staff to become PTA members.
  • Learn from others and share your knowledge as well