PTA Leaders

Evaluating your PTA Term

Every PTA board should evaluate the term’s work and prepare recommendations for the next term. Here are some questions to ask and discuss.

Projects and Programs:

  • Did the PTA achieve the goals set at the beginning of the term?
  • Did the officers and chairs know what was expected of them?
  • Were efforts made to include more members in planning and working toward achieving those goals?


  • Did the PTA membership increase this term?
  • Was an effort made to include more new members?
  • Were the association meetings well attended?
  • Was the association included in the decision-making process of the organization?
  • Was the membership kept informed of PTA events and programs?

Training/ Leadership Development:

  • Were the officers and chairs notified of training opportunities?
  • Did officers and chairs take advantage of training opportunities?
  • Was the association represented at council/district PTA meetings?
  • Did your PTA send someone to the annual convention?
  • Did your delegates to convention share the resources and information, and what they learned with your PTA?