PTA Leaders

Building Volunteer Engagement

The key to building volunteer engagement is to provide meaningful work, respect and appreciation.


VolunteersAn increasing number of organizations recognize the added value of volunteer involvement.  To attract that involvement, it’s important to recognize that prospective volunteers are also customers who can choose from a multitude of alternatives in the volunteer marketplace. Once you’ve successfully secured a volunteer’s support, it is important to ensure that the benefits of volunteering continue to outweigh the costs.  Satisfied volunteers can be strong advocates for an organization’s mission and persuasive partners on a volunteer recruitment team.  Once you “lose” a volunteer, it’s hard to get him or her back.

Provide Meaningful Work

  • Make work meaningful; never waste time.
  • Provide orientations that link volunteer assignments to the broader mission of the association.
  • Create positions that are diverse in tasks.

Show Respect

  • Never require anything from volunteers that cannot be enforce.
  • Provide clear instructions and the necessary tools to perform the work expected.
  • Accept recommendations and take advice.

Offer Personal Growth

  • Let volunteers grow with the program.
  • Provide opportunities that might not be available in the marketplace.

Show Recognition

  • Show appreciation often and in ways that are specific to the individual being recognized.