PTA Leaders

Meeting Quorum

Need a quorum at your PTA meeting?

Try these suggestions if you want more parents to attend your association meetings:

  • Send out an agenda at least ten days prior
  • Hang a banner with date, day and time of meeting. Make your own, or order one from the PTA Store.
  • Don’t change a date on the yearly calendar without plenty of notice
  • Consider modifying your bylaws to have less association meetings per year so that those meetings can include a program or presentation of interest
  • Use the personal touch; try a phone tree to invite members and then follow-up with a phone call or email about attending
  • Advertise the meeting on the school marquee, in your newsletter or on your PTA social media platforms
  • Follow-up with postcard reminders or email alerts
  • Ask everyone to bring someone with them to the meeting
  • Start and end on time
  • Include a potluck meal or have a dessert/ice cream social
  • Offer door prizes
  • Conduct a concise business meeting before a program of interest to your community
  • Change meeting venues and times for variety (different schools, perhaps)
  • Invite your superintendent to speak
  • Provide a training after your meeting with breakout workshops
  • Provide babysitting with activities or homework help (Be sure to follow Toolkit and insurance guidelines.)
  • Have programs related to community issues
  • Have an exciting guest speaker
  • Have your Honorary Service Award and Founder’s Day program
  • Have entertainment by the students (choir and/or band) or a display of student artwork
  • Celebrate the PTA’s successes; toot your horn about accomplishments.