PTA Leaders

Great Ideas for Parliamentarians

  • At the beginning of each new term of office, the president and parliamentarian should review the bylaws with the board. Every board member needs to know and understand the contents. This may also be done at a goal-setting meeting. Contact the district PTA if assistance is needed.
  • Laminate a “Motion Chart” and place it between the president and parliamentarian at meetings for easy reference.
  • When several PTA members want to speak to the same issue during a meeting, the parliamentarian may assist the president by noting the names of those wishing to speak and the order in which they should be called.
  • At the direction of the president, as may be appropriate to the meeting, the parliamentarian can outline certain points of parliamentary procedure: how to make motions, nomination and election procedures, procedure for amending bylaws, etc.
  • Provide a copy of the PTA/PTSA bylaws for each board member, and any member upon request.
  • Units should provide the council and district PTA with a copy of their bylaws.
  • Many district PTAs keep a supply of standard Bylaws for local PTAs/PTSAs Units and Council Bylaws available for purchase.