PTA Leaders

Financial Document Review Checklist

All Reports

  • Identify errors, omissions, lack of procedure
  • Follow up when report has not been received
  • Review for recommended format/title (see samples in Toolkit, Forms)

Annual Financial Report

  • Prepared in recommended format
  • Reflects gross revenues (no expenses have been netted)
  • Funds Not Belonging to the Unit/Council Income and Expense are shown separately
  • Reflects all memberships collected for year (compare with budget and audit reports)
  • Membership collected corresponds with membership forwarded. If not, exception must be noted in the audit report. Check against State PTA membership numbers.
  • Founder’s Day income matches expense (make sure all monies forwarded as required).
  • Carry-over of restricted funds includes explanation
  • Annual report ending balance agrees with audit ending balance
  • Adopted by association – minutes provided

Annual Budget

  • Prepared in recommended format
  • Cash carried over matches prior year’s Annual Financial Report
  • Funds Not Belonging to the Unit/Council Income and Expense are shown separately
  • Carryover funds for future term
  • Remaining funds listed as “Unallocated” line item (balances to zero)
  • Adopted by association – minutes provided

Budget Revisions

  • Budget revised when line item amounts near depletion
  • Motions adopted by association to amend budget line items and transfer funds from “Unallocated” – minutes provided

Audit Report

  • Prepared in recommended format, separate report for each bank account
  • Audit Checklist completed for each bank account; any “No” checkmarks are explained
  • Mid-year budget-to-actual report provided to executive board
  • Findings and recommendations include discrepancies in membership monies received vs. monies forwarded
  • Year-end audit ending balance agrees with Annual Financial Report ending balance
  • Adopted by association – minutes provided
  • Recommendations from last audit report implemented
  • Procedural improvements are acknowledged in future Audit Reports

Tax Return

  • Correct 990 form filed, based on gross income from Annual Financial Report
  • Filed timely or extension requested
  • Correct EIN and fiscal year
  • Executive board reviewed tax return in accordance with 2006 Pension Act
  • Annual Conflict of Interest form for each board member is signed and on file with PTA treasurer
  • Reflects same income that was reported in Annual Financial Report

Workers Compensation Annual Payroll Report (Toolkit, Forms)

  • Compare financial reports to Workers Compensation Annual Payroll Report to ensure all individuals who received payment for services are listed
  • Ensure Workers Compensation insurance certificates are attached for individuals who carry own Workers Compensation insurance
  • Verify with PTA that individuals were asked whether they carried Workers Compensation insurance


RRF-1 (Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report)

  • State Charity Registration (CT) number required for units, councils and districts (must be registered by December 31, 2012)
  • Filed annually with California Registrar of Charitable Trusts

Form 199

  • Filed annually with State of California, based on gross income

Form 109

  • Filed with California Franchise Tax Board if unrelated business income (UBI) is more than $1,000