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Term Limits and Officers


Yes, it’s true. PTA has term limits! You’ll find them clearly stated in your unit, council, or district bylaws.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, including the phrase, “or until their successors have been elected” is necessary to allow for an officer removal and subsequent election of a new officer within the same term. It does not extend the length of the term nor does it allow for a person to continue holding a position into the next term.

PTA or PTSA unit term of office: Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected. (In the event that no successor is elected, the position is declared vacant. Vacant positions must be filled by the executive board-elect or executive board, per Article IV, Section 11 and Section 12.) No officer shall be eligible to the same office for more than two consecutive terms or hold more than one elected or appointed office.

An election must be declared “null and void” whenever discovery is made that the individual elected did not meet the qualifications for office as stated in the bylaws. For example, an individual who has served two consecutive terms in the same position IS NOT ELIGIBLE for election to an additional term in the same position. Otherwise, with few exceptions, a challenge to procedures or outcome must be made at the election meeting. For assistance contact the district PTA, and refer to the California State PTA Toolkit and Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, Contesting the Announced Results of an Election and Point of Order sections.

Remember, bylaws cannot be set aside, so mentor potential officers now!


Co-officer alternatives

The California State PTA and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised – PTA’s parliamentary authority – do not recognize co-officers. “Co-officer” implies two people of equal rank sharing one position. Only one name may be listed for each office and only one individual may vote for the office held. A second individual cannot be listed for any office and forfeits the right to vote as an officeholder.

PTA bylaws include the positions of president-elect, corresponding secretary and financial secretary to provide assistance to the association’s primary officers: president, secretary and treasurer.

Bylaws may be amended to include additional officers to share the workload. When further circumstances arise that require more than one person to handle the duties of a particular position, an assistant or deputy position may be created, with or without voting privileges at executive board meetings, or the duties may be handled by committee.

Each year PTAs report the names and addresses of all elected officers. If there are co-positions of any kind, the California State PTA can only forward one name to National PTA. That person will receive all mailings, be eligible to vote, attend conventions, conduct meetings, etc. If for some reason the president is unable or fails to act, the vice-president shall take over the duties, temporarily or until the end of the term, as directed (Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units, Article VI, Sections 2 and 3). The bylaws offer the position of executive vice president as an assistant to the president.

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