PTA Leaders

Per Capita Membership Dues

Some PTAs prefer to offer varied membership enrollment levels for students, school staff and families and donors. In each instance the amount of per-capita forwarded must be according to the council, district State and National PTA amounts. These membership packages require special attention by the membership chairman and the treasurer to assure members receive their memberships cards and the correct amounts are remitted to council and district PTA.

In article IV, Membership, Section 4, insert this language by hand or typewritten:

  • Each faculty member of the association shall pay annual per capita dues of ____dollars and ____ cents ($_____) to the association.
  • Each student member of the association shall pay annual per capita dues of ____dollars and ____ cents ($_____) to the association.
  • Each member of the association shall pay annual dues of _____dollars and ____cents ($_______) per member (also means per capita) to the association, or _____ dollars and _____ cents ($_____) per family of _____ (number) members.

Dues Increase Implementation

At the May 2014 California State PTA convention, delegates adopted a motion to increase the state portion of the dues by 75¢ for a total of $2.00 per member. The increase is effective July 1, 2015.

  • California State PTA dues portion is $2.00 effective July 1, 2015.
  • On July 1 every unit, council and district PTA strikes the dues proviso printed or handwritten in their bylaws; and inserts $2.00 on the California State PTA dues line.
    • Units can increase the amount collected from members by $.75 on July 1 without submitting bylaws through channels.
    • Units can absorb the increase and remit the $.75 increase per member from the amount they currently collect from members. Members should be advised of this intent. No bylaws submittal through channels is required.
    • Via a bylaws submittal through channels, units can increase their dues portion in addition to the $.75 state PTA increase. Submit bylaws for review through channels. Until the association adopts the proposed bylaws change, the “unit increase” should not be collected. See “page i” of the bylaws for instructions on revising your bylaws.
  • The dues amount to forward to council, or to district PTA if out of council, is increased by $.75 per member. This handwritten entry does not require a bylaws submittal.
  • After July 1, 2015, unit bylaws prepared via e-Bylaws will include the changes and calculate the correct entries to forward. (e-Bylaws does not produce bilingual bylaws, council or district bylaws.) Printed June 2015 standard bylaws available will be available after July 1 from the State PTA and some District PTAs.



  • Contact your council PTA president, treasurer and/or parliamentarian if in council.
  • If out of council, contact your district PTA president, treasurer and/or parliamentarian.