PTA Leaders

PTA Leaders are advocates

Have you ever spoken to a teacher or principal about a problem you wanted to help solve or issue you wanted to help address? That is advocacy.

PTA helps you gain the skills and get the resources you need to advocate to improve the lives of children in your school and in your community. Whether you’re a new parent or experienced leader, California State PTA can help you make a difference in the lives of children.


Represent, inform and mobilize members and the public to advocate for the education, health, safety and wellbeing of all children


  • Focus Areas — Learn more about the issues that matter most to you, your members and school community.
  • Toolkit — Our handy online Toolkit outlines advocacy duties and issues.
  • Advocacy Insider and Legislative Alerts — Sign up to get advocacy news from our state and national capitals.
  • Advocacy Resource Notebook Web Page — A new resource to help your local advocacy work at any level.
  • Advocacy Leadership Guide — Designed with council and district advocacy leaders in mind.
  • Resolutions and Position Statements — These materials act as touchstones for our advocacy work.
  • Legislation Conference — Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned advocate, this event helps you raise your voice with more confidence. Get up to speed on the latest issues, meet with experts and legislators, and learn new skills to connect families and schools — all while becoming a more powerful advocate for children.
  • Annual Convention — The convention’s the place to get the latest information on key issues, build the skills to strengthen your school and community, connect with PTA leaders and have fun!