PTA Leaders

Organizing a Rally


Organizing a rally can be a highly effective advocacy tool to energize your members to work on advocacy activities.

Get a Rally Going

Here are some hints on getting your rally up and running:

  • Decide on the purpose of the rally
  • Decide on a message for the rally
  • Set a date, time and location
  • Obtain approval for the rally from your PTA and  record it in the minutes (necessary for insurance)
  • Obtain any necessary permits from the school district or the city/town
  • Invite speakers such as PTA president, local legislators or their staff, school superintendent and board members, teachers and PTA advocacy chair
  • Select a moderator who can keep the rally on track
  • Invite the press, including TV, news stations, radio and newspapers and publicize the rally to parents and the community
  • Make signs, which can be hand painted and affixed to paint sticks (request from a painting-supplies store) with staples
  • Create activities to engage attendees, such as holding a letter-writing campaign with sample letters available at the event
  • Sign up new members to PTA at the rally (Prepare for handling cash and bring membership cards.)
  • Record and photograph the event for PTA websites and social media
  • Let California State PTA know how it went by emailing and