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Statewide Association Meeting 2020

We’re glad to report that our first-ever online Statewide Association Meeting included timely information, meaningful debate, great guests and lively interaction. PTA members participated in the business of the association, including taking part in hearings, amending and adopting resolutions, celebrating Reflections artists, and listening to important reports.

Thank you to those of you who attended for venturing into the brave new world of virtual meetings with us, and for spending your evening(s) with us during this challenging time. We appreciate your commitment to deciding how California State PTA will advocate for children and families for years to come.

Visit the Business of the Association page to find out which resolutions were adopted, and to see the amended resolutions and Legislation Platform.

Please enjoy these photos of our members and leaders Zoom-ing from their home offices during the meeting. We’ve also provided links below to recordings of our guest speakers.


Click below to watch the inspiring Q&A between Celia Jaffe, California State PTA’s president, and Guy Myers, 2020 California Teacher of the Year. (You can watch an extended version of the interview by clicking here.)

Click below to watch the remarks made by Ben Chida, Chief Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the Office of the Governor.