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2021-22 Recipients

Dunsmore Elementary 

La Crescenta – 1st District PTA – Received $800 Grant   

At Dunsmore Elementary School, the newly-formed Anti-Racism Committee (ARC) states that its mission is to “engage and educate our school community to recognize racism and discrimination in all forms (including, but not limited to gender, sexuality, culture, class, religion, and ability) and possess the tools and confidence to confront it productively.”

With this mission in mind, the ARC started a Speaker Series over Zoom to help educate our school community on the complex issues of our time including topics of gender diversity, neurodiversity, and racism, and how best to support our children. Understanding that these issues require a multi-pronged approach and that it takes time and persistence to internalize the concepts, this Speaker Series is just one of the many activities and strategies we have planned at Dunsmore Elementary School.