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Outreach Translation

2021-2022 Recipients

RL Stevenson Elementary 

Burbank – 1st District PTA – Received $1,000 Grant 

The PTA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee plans to translate all email correspondence for non-English speaking families at Stevenson. Currently, translation is needed in Spanish, Armenian, Russian and Vietnamese. Additional languages will be added as needed.

Our goals are to embrace and welcome non-English speaking families and to give them greater access to school programs and events that they may not be aware of due to a language barrier.

Del Paso Manor Elementary 

Sacramento – 3rd District PTA – Received $1,953 Grant 

Our goals with this grant are threefold – to improve student safety during drop-off and pick-up, to create a better sense of community for all, and to educate families and our community on the benefits of having a PTA. 

We wanted something lasting that could be re-used for years. We created signs and notices containing basic phrases and statements in the four primary languages spoken at our school – English, Pashto, Dari/Farsi1 and Spanish.

Our PTA is ever present at school events but unfortunately, it is not readily apparent to a non-English speaker that the PTA is the event host.  We created a “hosted by” sign, in the schools’ four primary languages, to be displayed at every PTA event.  This sign serves as a simple way to educate the community on the benefit PTA provides their family.