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Healthy Lifestyles

2021-2022 Recipients

Deerfield Elementary 

Irvine – 4th District PTA – Received $800 Grant

The project that the Deerfield Elementary PTA plans to implement promotes healthy lifestyle choices for Deerfield students and their families. Our program is called “Falcons Move n’ Groove”. We plan to serve all 620 Deerfield students and their families by providing seven months of opportunity for movement and togetherness. The purpose and the goals of this program include encouraging physical and mental fitness for Deerfield students and families, encouraging community engagement, togetherness, and socialization amongst the Deerfield community, and supporting mental health through exercise and socialization. As a PTA we hope that by providing these opportunities to our students and families we will build school spirit, support positivity through fitness, and build a stronger community school-wide by bringing families together.

El Carmelo Elementary 

Palo Alto – 6th District PTA – Received $2,000 Grant 

The aim of ‘Operation Healthy Shift’ is to improve the overall health and safety of students at El Carmelo Elementary by creating and supporting school commuting programs that facilitate a healthy non-sedentary lifestyle. 

We have taken a multi-tiered approach to solving the problem of how to get students moving. Dubbed ‘Operation Healthy Shift’ we look to move the needle within our diverse community – encouraging a safe commute to school through three components:

SAFETY AND INCLUSION:  We will update materials and route maps into Spanish and Mandarin, encouraging all of our families to get moving and safely commute,integrating more kid friendly graphics, and adding a digital component in the form of a QR code that would point to preferred routes that greatly increase safety.

HEALTHY COMPETITION: Classes would collect stickers for the number of commuters in the class for each day they walk/roll or share transport to school. The class earning the most will be rewarded at the end of term.

THOUGHTFUL REMINDERS:  Bike lights that could clip onto backpacks are essential in allowing us to roll out the program safety.  Able to be branded with ‘El Carmelo,’ the aim is to increase school pride and visibility.

Abraham Lincoln High School 

San Jose – 6th District PTA – Received $900 Grant

The proposed healthy lifestyle project is a series of community yoga classes to introduce students to the relaxation and strengthening aspects of yoga, and create community among students, staff and families from Lincoln High School. 

 The program will provide yoga classes for students, staff and family members, with recorded classes continuing to impact Lincoln community members into the future.

Marguerite Montgomery Elementary 

Davis – 3rd District PTA – Received $800 Grant 

We will purchase a “9 square in the air” set for the students to play during recess and physical education. The playground aides and teachers have noticed, that likely as a result of COVID-related school closure, many of the younger students are reluctant to join in and play traditional playground games, such as wall ball, tether ball, and basketball. It seems to be challenging for the kids to initiate a game that requires a specific number of participants. As a result, more students are sitting around during recess, rather than getting much needed exercise. 9 square is an ideal game, as it allows many participants to cycle through the game, with no student being responsible for organizing a game. We anticipate that most, if not all of our 410 enrolled students will be able to enjoy this equipment. 

Phoebe Apperson Hearst Elementary 

Pleasanton – 99th / Peralta District PTA – Received $1,500 Grant 

Hearst Elementary school has an onsite garden with a 13-year history of building, through collaboration, a program whose primary purpose evolved from environmental education to include nutritional literacy. Hearst Elementary’s garden nutritional education program will enable our approximately 600 students, staff and families to experience the steps involved in growing enough food to share and through the process, gain greater understanding of: food systems, connection of food to culture and community, agriculture principles, and the influence of food on health and social justice. The program will also provide opportunities for character building in accordance with the Monarch Way.