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Award of Excellence – Special Artist Division: All Grades

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence Special Artist Division recipients!


“Self Focus – Look Within” by Ishan Joshi

Sunnyvale Middle School, Grade 6
Sixth District PTA

“My dance is about focus on self and the world. It also teaches me about believing in myself. If I believe in myself, I can achieve any impossible goal. It gives me positivity.”


“Look Within Me. I Am Great! Hurrah!” by Zarrar Zubair

Adams Elementary School, Grade 5
Fourth District PTA

“Look within me, I am great! Hurrah! I am Zarrar. I am autistic, and artistic. This is my story. Look within my journey into autism. I love my bike. I love to twirl, watch planes, and swim. I love to dance. Videos are my favorite, love YouTube. I love to take selfies, create doodle art on my iPad, record audio of furby, take videos, play with technology. I love filters. I hope you like my movie.”


“So Much More” by Andrew Fieraru

David A. Brown Middle School, Grade 8
Twenty-Third District PTA

“Let’s say you are shopping at the supermarket and you see a man. By his appearance, you judge what the man is like. What you think of him could be true, but what if it’s not? What if he is the exact opposite of what you infer? You wouldn’t know until you looked within him. You wouldn’t know until you got to know him and see what he is actually like. However, it’s not a man in the supermarket you will be looking within. In this poem you will look within me.”

Click here to see a larger version of this piece.


“Love is Home” by Taylor Cox

Huntington Beach High School, Grade 11
Fourth District PTA

“If we look inside ourselves, we will find so much love. Whether we take advantage of love as a tool, to believing that love is an ocean, we have our own image deep in our heart of love which brings us home. These images define the way we love and the people we connect with. Love can be defined so many ways and it means so much to us, that if we love, everything we know is within reach.”

Listen to Taylor’s music here.


“I Seeeee You!” by Slater King

J.H. McGaugh Elementary School, Grade 2
Fourth District PTA

Slater loves to take pictures and videos of himself with his iPad camera. He is always setting up his iPad in different positions and getting some very unique angles in his photos. With this photo he is looking through his out stretched hand. Slater then told his dad the colors he wanted his photo to have. When asked how it relates to theme “Look Within,” he said, “I seeeee you!”

To see a larger version of this photograph, click here.


“I Realize and Recognize” by Matthew Bang

Bert Lynn Middle School, Grade 7
Thirty-Third District PTA

“Mom and dad are Korean, they both born in Korea. I was born in the U.S. so I grow thinking I was American. When I was in Korea, I felt something pulls me and very intimate. They have the same hair, eyes and they look like me. I do not speak Korean well and do not understand the sad history but my genetic predisposition I received from my parents and my parents from my grandparents made me look within. I did not want to recognize my Korean American. But now I know I am Matthew (Junsuk) Korean American.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.