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Primary: PreK-Grade 2

Congratulations to the California 2018 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Primary division.


“Happiness Within Reach” by Annvi Patnala

“I love to write. I have a story about how I wish to bring ‘Happiness Within Reach.’”


“My Rainbow is Within Reach” by Jenna Le

  • Grade: 2
  • Tony Tobin Elementary School
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

Jenna Le from California State PTA on Vimeo.

“My rainbow is within reach.  I grab the rainbow when I am sad.  I grab the rainbow when I am happy.  My rainbow is colorful and pretty and it makes me feel good.  I can reach for my rainbow anytime.”


“Transformation” by Violet Rivers

  • Grade: 2
  • Eagle Rock Elementary School
  • Tenth District PTA

“This is a song about a caterpillar and a butterfly who really want to be friends, but the caterpillar is stuck on the ground. This song relates to the theme “”Within Reach”” because it’s within reach to be friends with somebody even if you think you’re really different.”

Visual Arts

“My Dreams” by Jax Wahl

  • Grade: 2
  • Freedom Elementary School
  • Eighth District PTA


“My picture is me reaching up to my dreams. I have already reached one of my dreams.”


“Show Your True Colors” by Madison Paek

  • Grade: 2
  • Sulphur Springs Community School
  • Thirty-Fourth District PTA

Madison Paek from California State PTA on Vimeo.

“Milo had a difficult time because the other dogs didn’t know that Milo could be a good friend.  He was afraid to keep trying when they were not nice to him.  Milo learns that even if you’re different don’t be afraid to show who you really are.  All the dogs learned that each time you play together you get to know each other and have fun. Then soon good friendships are within reach.”


“A Helping Hand” by Pierra Rozen-Nowac

  • Grade: 2
  • Third Street School
  • Tenth District PTA

“If we can lend a helping hand to each other, a peaceful and more beautiful world will be within reach for everyone.”