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Award of Excellence – Primary Division: Pre-K – Grade 2

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence Pre-K-Grade 2 Division recipients!


“Never Enough” by Avery Genest

Mountainview Elementary School, Grade 2
Thirty-Fourth District PTA

“I matter because I bring joy to others. I bring joy through dance by participating and being kind to my teacher and friends. I can express my joy through dance. My family gets joy watching me dance and that makes me happy. In my family, I play with my brothers and mom and dad. I also take care of our dogs. At school, I help my friends and my teacher. I always show kindness and respect to everyone.”


“I matter because” by Namya Jha

Foster City Elementary School, Grade 2
Seventeenth District PTA

“This story revolves around a girl who started to doubt herself if she really matters and how her cute little pups made her realized that she definitely matters. Everyone and everything in this world matters. It’s the matter of realization, how special we are.” (Google images and background music from


“Things My Teacher Should Tell Herself” by Eva Whittemore

Dixie Canyon Elementary School, Grade 2
Thirty-First District PTA

“Everybody knows that teachers matter, but teachers may not know how much they matter. I named my poem ‘Things My Teacher Should Tell Herself’ because it’s hard to do school over Zoom and some of the work is hard to do alone. My teacher should tell herself that she’s doing her best.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.


“You know that I matter for everything” by Sivaluxmy Sivalogeswaran

Northwood Elementary School, Grade 1
Sixth District PTA

“This year, the number of natural disasters has increased in the US. I live in San Jose, California. I experienced earthquake, wild fire, air pollution, and global warming. I am not able leave my house because of Covid-19 and smoke from the wildfire. But, staying inside my house is also not safe when there is an earthquake. I am a little girl I have lots of dreams. When I grow up I will invent new technologies to solve all these problems to make this world a safe place for all. Therefore, I matter to this world now more than ever.”

Click here to listen to Sivaluxmy’s music.


“I matter because, only I can reflect myself” by Rehan Haaziq

Northwood Elementary School, Grade 1
Sixth District PTA

“I Matter Because, only I can reflect myself.
Only I can bring My ideas to this world.
Only I can bring My imagination to this world.
Only I can bring My discoveries to this world.
Only I can bring My service to this world.”

To see a larger version of this photograph, click here.


“I Matter Because I Care!” by Xavier Zhang

Cerritos Elementary School, Grade 2
Thirty-Third District PTA

“I matter because I care!
I care about nature. I care about people.
I help fire fighters in fighting the wildfire.
I have got a pet whale to help me and we worked together to save animals and save people.
We are all heroes!”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.