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Award of Excellence – Primary Division: Pre-K – Grade 2

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence Primary Division recipients!


“Brave” by Aubrey Hutt

Anaheim Hills Elementary School, Grade 2
Fourth District PTA

“I choreographed a jazz dance called, “Brave.” When I was starting to try out for Gym Team I was nervous if I would make the team or not. I asked myself, “Could I handle it?” I knew it was going to be a hard challenge. I had to look within myself to be brave, be strong, and believe in myself. I then knew I could do it! Because I looked within to fight the fear and to be BRAVE, I made the Gym Team!”


“A Look Within the Human Body” by Mackenzie Quan

Emblem Elementary School, Grade 1
Thirty-Fourth District PTA

“The human body is something you can look within. Within the body, there are lots of things, like bones, organs, and skin (that’s not in the body but part of it). I would like to teach lots of children about the human body.”


“Moo Moo’s Incredible Journey of Courage” by Elise Cheung

Golden View Elementary School, Grade 2
Thirty-Second District PTA

“This is a story about a cow that finds courage when he is in danger. Sometimes I come across problems and challenges in my own life, it’s easy to just give up. I have to remind myself to look within my heart to find the courage and to overcome my fears and do something that I didn’t think was possible.”

To read the entire story, click here.


“The Water in the Ocean” by Leo Zang

Lang Ranch Elementary School, Grade 2
Twelfth District PTA

“Each wave is different in the ocean. Some are strong and some are soft. But deep within, each wave is the same. They are all water. Some water travels into the air, forms into clouds, turns into rains and snows, joins the river and then travels back to the sea. Some water sinks into the sands and rejoins the ocean deep down. This is a song I wrote for the water in the ocean. They are different in their appearances and have different journeys, but looking within, we will find that they have the same essence and the same origin.”

Listen to Leo’s music here.


“Illuminati” by Andrew Henson

Heritage Elementary School, Grade 1
Fourth District PTA

“The eye inside the pyramid sees all things. It can look within you too.”

To see a larger version of this photograph, click here.


“My World” by Seohyun (Ellie) Bae

Buena Vista Elementary School, Grade 2
Thirty-Second District PTA

“My world is beautiful like flowers at where day and night are together. Until last year, I was a little child doing what I wanted to, like playing outside with my friends. I drew that memories in my face, because that memory makes me feel happy. I wanted to show a lot of homework that I have at the back of my head. Sometimes it’s hard for me, but it will make me a bright child. My world is in full bloom, like a beautiful flower.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.