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Outstanding Interpretation Awards

Congratulations to the California 2018 Reflections Art Program Outstanding Interpretation recipients.


“Strawberries and Hot Dogs” by Megan Lee

“The term ‘Within Reach’ can be understood in many different ways. My interpretation of ‘Within Reach’ was people are always within reach. No matter how hopeless they seem; it’s all about whether or not you’re brave enough to reach out and help them.”


“Praying” by Kara Newman

  • Grade: 12
  • Chaparral High School
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

“This song/dance is about domestic violence and finding yourself to overcome it. However, we all have strength to overcome it all.”


“Transformation” by Violet Rivers

  • Grade: 2
  • Eagle Rock Elementary School
  • Tenth District PTA

“This is a song about a caterpillar and a butterfly who really want to be friends, but the caterpillar is stuck on the ground. This song relates to the theme “”Within Reach”” because it’s within reach to be friends with somebody even if you think you’re really different.”


“Light Behind You” by Yiju Choi

  • Grade: 8
  • Carmel Valley Middle School
  • Ninth District PTA

“The girl symbolizes Yiju Choi. She is lost in a maze of responsibility, perfection, and dream. There is a bright light of success and perfection so she runs as hard as she can to the shining light. She is passionate, but tired. She needs a rest and support. The bright,shining light of success may suddenly turn to darkness making her feel tired and wanting to give up; however she has to always remember that her family is cheering, comforting and supporting her. She needs to look around and notice that other importance’s are within reach.”


“Drawing Conclusions” by Iseult Lyons

  • Grade: 12
  • Santa Monica High School
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

“Drawing Conclusions displays a teengae girl’s conflict of deciding whether to follow a career in Biology or Illustration, both of which are within her reach.”


“Catching Stars” by Makelle Madsen

  • Grade: 3
  • Stone Ranch Elementary School
  • Ninth District PTA

“This is a picture I took on top of a ladder of my sister. My sister is catching the stars that are within her reach. Reaching the stars is symbolic of reaching our goals and dreams. I used this picture to show that it is possible to capture our dreams! I also wanted to show that things aren’t always as they seem. It appears as though my sister is climbing a ladder, but she is actually laying on the ground. Things in life are often not as they appear, but I can’t let that stop me from reaching my dreams!”


“The Light of Hope and Beauty is Within Reach” by Carissa Paccerelli

  • Grade: 12
  • Category: Visual Arts
  • Pasadena High School
  • First District PTA

“The inspiration of this piece is my mom.  She has two kids, my brother and I, both with autism.  She was in the dark and seems hopeless when we were first diagnosed.  It was not easy for her, but she chose not to wallow in despair.  She studied autism, interventions and resources for me and my brother.  With the help of my dad, she is now hopeful.  When life seems dark and hopeless, don’t despair.  Keep moving forward and you will see that the light of hope and beauty is within reach.”