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Outstanding Interpretation Awards

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Reflections Art Program Outstanding Interpretation Award recipients!


“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” by Jasmine Lee

Middle School Division
Laguna Road Elementary School, Grade 6
Fourth District PTA

“For pre-teens/teens like me, there are so many pressures on beauty and how you look. Looking through magazines and social media can be overwhelming. You just have to be confident, fearless, and look within and find the beauty within yourself.”


“Look Within” by Ellen Elkins

Middle School Division
Travis Ranch School, Grade 7

Fourth District PTA

“I made a video called LOOK WITHIN of my song ‘Look inside,’ that takes the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ literally. A book that’s in bad shape and battered is rejected by the other books on the shelf and asks that they look inside its covers to see where its true beauty lies, within.”


“burning colors” by Alisha Bose

High School Division
Lynbrook High School, Grade 10
Sixth District PTA

“When I look within, I usually only find the dull grey of good grades and college prep. But I’ve always known that I wanted my life to be more colorful so I shunned the common grey statues that society wants us to be and deep within, I found the colors and passions within me.”

Click here to see a larger version of this piece.








“So Much More” by Andrew Fieraru

Special Artist Division
David A. Brown Middle School, Grade 8
Twenty-Third District PTA

“Let’s say you are shopping at the supermarket and you see a man. By his appearance, you judge what the man is like. What you think of him could be true, but what if it’s not? What if he is the exact opposite of what you infer? You wouldn’t know until you looked within him. You wouldn’t know until you got to know him and see what he is actually like. However, it’s not a man in the supermarket you will be looking within. In this poem you will look within me.”

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“Look Within Yourself” by Illasell Tan

Middle School Division
Canyon Lake Middle School, Grade 7

Twenty-Third District PTA

“My composition consists of me singing with the accompaniment of the piano played by myself. The song shows how you should accept who and what you are and that nobody’s perfect. It relates to the theme by explaining how you should look within yourself to find that you are worth more than you believe you are. Whenever in doubt, reflect and realize that you matter.”

Listen to Illasell’s music here.


“Her Light” by Maxine Eschger

High School Division
Palisades Charter High School, Grade 11
Tenth District PTA

“For this piece I wanted to experiment with underwater photography. Both I and the model are swimmers and feel a personal connection to the water. The model is looking into the light seeking a deeper meaning to her life.”

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“I Realize and Recognize” by Matthew Bang

Special Artist Division
Bert Lynn Middle School, Grade 7

Thirty-Third District PTA

“Mom and dad are Korean, they both born in Korea. I was born in the U.S. so I grow thinking I was American. When I was in Korea, I felt something pulls me and very intimate. They have the same hair, eyes and they look like me. I do not speak Korean well and do not understand the sad history but my genetic predisposition I received from my parents and my parents from my grandparents made me look within. I did not want to recognize my Korean American. But now I know I am Matthew (Junsuk) Korean American.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.