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Middle School: Grades 6-8

Congratulations to the California 2017 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Middle School division.


“Layers” by Nicole Masarova

“This piece of writing is about me and different stories/things that people may think of me. These are different sides but they are all about me.”


“Finding Myself” by Kennedi Sandidge

  • Grade: 6
  • Riverview Elementary PTA
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

“My dance relates to my story, because in any situation I try to find where I’m at, and where I’m going in life.”


“The Roller Coaster” by Ethan Lai

  • Grade: 7
  • Rancho San Joaquin Middle School PTSA
  • Fourth District. PTA

“Have you ever ridden a roller coaster? The first time I rode a roller coaster with friends, it was exhilarating, fun, and a bit scary. In other words, it was unforgettable. It also inspired me to compose a fast-paced, exciting song. My composition, The Roller Coaster, tells my story of that memorable experience. Not only do the ups and downs of the last music reflects the movement of the roller coaster; the sound of the wheels running on the tracks, and the wind blowing on my face, but it also describes my feelings when I rode it. This is my story.”

Visual Arts

“The Irony of Life” by Jungyun Choi

  • Grade: 8
  • Mesa Verde Middle PTSA
  • Ninth District PTA

“It shows that not everything is the way they seem or look like. (Grandma could be like a baby at times or be tough like iron man – some people who never talk might be talkative around her friends.) In a way this is “two-faced” Grandma shows the different sides of me.”


“A Honey Bee” by Georgia Evensen

  • Grade: 7
  • El Rodeo PTA
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

“I am a honeybee. The song itself tells the happy story of a honeybee, (me) who is shunned by her hive, but finds a new life despite her setbacks. However, the poem on the screen tells the dark reality of honeybees, how they are reaching extinction, and how humans can’t live without them. Growing up in the age of social media, kids tend to be narcissistic. Reflecting upon this, I chose to film in a “selfie” style. All of these themes come together in an experimental video that is s metaphor for my personal story and the story of honeybees.”


“Tree Maze” by Adrian Lopez-Mesa

  • Grade: 6
  • Lakewood Elementary PTA
  • Eighth District PTA

“I took this picture because of the intertwining branches seem to only have one correct route to the end which my life is pretty much like. I’ve been through three families from the ages of four to six. But when I was seven years old, I finally got adopted and found a good home. It was like finding my way through a maze.”