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Award of Excellence – Intermediate Division: Grades 3-5

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence Intermediate Division recipients!


“My hands can change the world by Savannah Carson

Rolling Hills Elementary School, Grade 3
Fourth District PTA

“I matter because even though I am little I can use my hands to change the world. It’s not just my hands, but all but my thoughts and actions can change the world. I am going to change the world by being kind. I am going to show kindness to others and help people to do the same. Like the song says ‘In the end, only kindness matters.’ Please be kind and help change the world.”


“Smile” by Kane Pilapil

Vista Elementary School, Grade 3
Twelfth District PTA

“I think everyone is special in their own way, no matter their size, shape, color, or colors. When someone knows they’re special, they smile.”


“I Matter” by Lucy Quinto

Lake Mathews Elementary School, Grade 5
Twenty-Third District PTA

“This is a poem about me and how I relate to the universe. I connect to water, minerals, fire, air, stars, and the moon. I am part of the universe.”

To see a larger version of this poem, click here.


“A Ripple of Kindness” by Ellie Lam

Longden Avenue Elementary School, Grade 5
First District PTA

“I matter because I make a difference to the world by smiling, caring for others, and showing them kindness. This is especially important during the pandemic, where a lot of people are losing their jobs and loved ones. Smiling, caring for others, and showing kindness can make a person feel better about themselves throughout the day. By showing others you care, that person will in return pay it forward to others, creating a ripple effect and making the world better. I wrote this song to dedicate it to those who lost their jobs and loved ones.”

Click here to listen to Ellie’s music.


“Photography” by Ayaan Mamoola

Audubon Elementary School, Grade 4
Seventeenth District PTA

“Like every living being on this planet has a purpose, like these trees which stand tall, like the sunlight which gives them life, as a living being, I too have a purpose in this Universe.”

Click here to see a larger version of this photograph.






“I Make a Difference” by Jacob Medina

Antelope Hills Elementary School, Grade 5
Twenty-Third District PTA

“To describe my work, I put little pictures together and move it to where I think it looks good. This art has 5 layers and different dimensions that I put together to make into one piece of art. My art was made to show how big the universe is. Even if you find something new that is bad or scary you can still make a difference to the world. I matter to every layer of life from the grass all the way to the universe.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.