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Intermediate: Grades 3-5

Congratulations to the California 2018 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Intermediate division.


“Don’t Waste Any Chances” by Madeline Kim

“I wrote this reflective essay to show that hope is not something that stays with one person. It can be shared by many people, and in a family in can be passed down through the generations.”

Dance Choreography

“Dreamer” by Alexander McDaniel

  • Grade: 5
  • Dixie Canyon Elementary School
  • Thirty-First District PTA

Alexander McDaniel from California State PTA on Vimeo.

“I am a dreamer who believes everything is within my reach. I can do a lot of things with my creative thoughts and thinking. I have never been nervous on stage while performing. I never felt not special before ever and feel that everything is within my reach. My “Dreamer” dance show that I am very flexible and can do karate, gymnastics, acrobatics, and stunts and many more.”


“Almost to the Stars!” by Gavin Ngo

  • Grade: 5
  • Longley Way Elementary School
  • First District PTA

“My work “Almost to the Stars!” is a six-part composition based on one motif, and represents a person trying to reach their goals, attempting different ways to achieve what they want.  This relates to the theme “Within Reach” because the song shows that your goals are in grasp, and that you are almost there.  Don’t stop believing, don’t stop dreaming, and don’t stop visualizing, then everything is Within Reach.”

Visual Arts

“Whatever It Takes” by Cecilia Church

  • Grade: 5
  • Warwick Elementary School
  • Peralta District PTA


“I feel this art piece connects to the theme as a girl is reaching for her lost balloons that have gotten stuck in the colorful tree. She has stacked her books, lunchbox, radio, baseball bat, and kickball so she has become “Within Reach” with her balloons. I feel this piece of artwork connects with me because when I reach it I always want to achieve it. The balloons are as if they are dreams that she doesn’t want to lose.”


“Reaching Out to Sea” by Georgia Beebe

  • Grade: 5
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Seventeenth District PTA

Georgia Beebe from California State PTA on Vimeo.

“We all know the saying: practice makes perfect.  Hopefully I proved that in my video, as my drawing grew clearer and clearer.  It shows with practice and hard work, our goals in life can be within reach.”


“Catching Stars” by Makelle Madsen

  • Grade: 3
  • Stone Ranch Elementary School
  • Ninth District PTA

“This is a picture I took on top of a ladder of my sister. My sister is catching the stars that are within her reach. Reaching the stars is symbolic of reaching our goals and dreams. I used this picture to show that it is possible to capture our dreams! I also wanted to show that things aren’t always as they seem. It appears as though my sister is climbing a ladder, but she is actually laying on the ground. Things in life are often not as they appear, but I can’t let that stop me from reaching my dreams!”