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Intermediate: Grades 3-5

Congratulations to the California 2019 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients!


“Seamless by Ella Fonseca

  • Grade: 5
  • Cornerstone Elementary School
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

“This is dedicated to my grandma, my hero. Though I’ve never met her I feel like she’s here with me every day. She died before I was born. I see her picture on the wall with her fancy hair-do and I wish she was here and imagine what it would be like if she were. She my hero in the sense I know she’s up in heaven guiding through this crazy world.”


“Heroes of All Kind” by Mackenzie Weiler

  • Grade: 5
  • John McCandless STEM Charter School
  • Eighth District PTA

“My video relates to the theme because it shows all different types of heroes. All of these heroes inspire me to strive for more.”


“The Heart of a Hero” by Scarlett Shear

  • Grade: 4
  • Wonderland Avenue Elementary School
  • Tenth District PTA

“This story was inspired by my little brother who I made into the Jack in my story. It relates to the theme because it is about an unnoticeable hero. The message is heroes can be anyone.”

Read Scarlett’s literature here.


“Heroes Around Us” by Ellie Lam

  • Grade: 3
  • Longden Avenue Elementary School
  • First District PTA

“There are heroes all around us. To me a hero is a firefighter who saves people and animals from fires. A police man or woman who protects people from harm. A doctor who helps sick people. A teacher who helps you learn. Grandpa who holds my hands and walks me to school every morning and my daddy who helps me practice my math. Anyone and everyone can be a hero by helping each other but I wrote this song for my superhero mommy who takes care of me and all the superhero mommies in the world.”

Listen to Ellie’s music here.


“The Heroes Around Me” by Amelie Garrett

  • Grade: 5
  • Chandler Elementary School
  • Thirty-First District PTA

“I took this photo thinking of all the people that helped our country. Every person surrounding us had served in the wars and were heroes in a big way. It was cool seeing all of them, it’s like you know what they did and you’re proud of that.”


“Thinking of You” by Katelyn Kim

  • Grade: 5
  • Marengo Elementary School
  • First District PTA

“Here I stand looking around with all the blessing and generosity you provide us a beautiful, breathtaking and wonderful world with balance and love we can breathe and live Mother Nature, you are my hero.”