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Award of Excellence – Intermediate Division: Grades 3-5

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence Intermediate Division recipients!


“She Used to Be Mine by Brooklyn Covington

James Foster Elementary School, Grade 5
Thirty-Fourth District PTA

“The girl in this dance by Sara Bareilles, ‘She Used to Be Mine,’ is looking within to find the good in her instead of imperfections. As I choreographed this dance, I thought about the small movements being her imperfections and the big movements being her good parts..”


“Six Words, One Million Stories” by Naomi Clarke

Oak Creek Elementary School, Grade 5
Fourth District PTA

“A little girl named Bloom loves to listen to the stories of her Mother’s life. One day Bloom finds herself reimagining those stories yet she is her mother instead. This all leads up to her homework and the question, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”. So Bloom has to look within the meanings of those stories and pick out details that describe her mom, and why Bloom wants to be her when she grows up.”


“Hatched” by Kiera Maben

Millikin Basics+ Elementary School, Grade 5
Sixth District PTA

“I feel very strongly about the inhuman way in which chickens are treated in the food industry. Their plight is horrendous and truly heartbreaking. My story is an effort to have us look within ourselves and feel their pain and make the much needed change.”

To read the entire story, click here.


“On the Inside” by Samuel Paxton

Patrick Henry Elementary School, Grade 5
Thirty-Third District PTA

“My work has to do with the theme ‘look within’ because it states to pay attention to people’s qualities, and to not judge by a person’s appearance.”

Listen to Samuel’s music here.


“The Other Me” by Luca Olcese

Riviera Elementary School, Grade 5
Thirty-Third District PTA

“With this picture I’m trying to show another version of myself. In the back is me looking at myself thinking about my actions, looking within. In the front is me acting without thinking.”

Click here to see a larger version of this photograph.


“Imagination from Within” by Melanie Zhang

Emperor Elementary School, Grade 4
First District PTA

“In the drawing I was reading my favorite book. When I read within, many story characters come to life. They are Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, mermaids, unicorns and many more. Reading is not only fun but also brings me to people I never met, and places I never been to. I love reading and I hope you love to read just as much as I do!”

To see a larger version of this drawing, click here.