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Award of Excellence – High School Division: Grades 9-12

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence High School Division recipients!


“Perception” by Jessica Tijam

Poway High School, Grade 10
Ninth District PTA

“Similar to the cover of a book, people cannot be judged solely by their appearances. In order to fully get to know someone, one should look past the physical characteristics a person possesses and instead seek for true qualities deep inside. Every single one of us has remarkable personalities that make each of us unique in our own ways. Rather than discriminating someone immediately based on what we initially perceive, try to find beautiful traits within that may be similar to those you have.”



“More to Me” by Paige Rodnunsky

Simi Valley High School, Grade 10
Twelfth District PTA

“In this piece I wanted to show that there is much more to a student than just a simple letter on their report card. They should be able to express their difference and be content with doing so.
I feel that a lot of the time, people get labeled as either “smart” or “dumb” but those labels shouldn’t define us. Also, some others try to fit students into one category but we should stand up for ourselves and show our creativity through the things we love.”


“burning colors” by Alisha Bose

Lynbrook High School, Grade 10
Sixth District PTA

“When I look within, I usually only find the dull grey of good grades and college prep. But I’ve always known that I wanted my life to be more colorful so I shunned the common grey statues that society wants us to be and deep within, I found the colors and passions within me.”

Click here to see a larger version of this piece.


“Quantum Quintet” by Archimedes Li

Westview High School, Grade 10
Ninth District PTA

“’Quantum Quintet’ looks within matter of the universe. ‘Matter’ presents the recurring main theme. When we look within, the fugal style of ‘Molecules’ shows molecules clashing and reacting inside the theme. Looking deeper within, the electrons, quick and unpredictable in the ‘Subatomic Soup,’ are the rapid 16th/32th notes and tremolo. In the cello and viola lines, however, is the calm theme of protons, and the steady rhythm of neutrons. Look within the quantum zoo to find mysterious strings that are the most fundamental building block, represented by pizzicato, in crazy patterns, like the strings of modern string theory.”

Listen to Archimedes’s music here.


“Her Light” by Maxine Eschger

Palisades Charter High School, Grade 11
Tenth District PTA

“For this piece I wanted to experiment with underwater photography. Both I and the model are swimmers and feel a personal connection to the water. The model is looking into the light seeking a deeper meaning to her life.”

To see a larger version of this photograph, click here.


“Sibling Love” by Irene Oh

Monte Vista High School, Grade 10
Thirty-Second District PTA

“My artwork shows girl orphan is feeding a boy orphan, which I witnessed when volunteering. This girl orphan should receive love and care from her parents, but she can’t and it’s heart-breaking. However, she is willing to give it to other orphans who she considers as her siblings. This relates to the theme because I was able to reflect on my relationship with my younger sister and realized I never took caring actions like feeding her, so it was life-changing for me to see that the orphans had a deep love for each other even in their unfortunate situation.”

To see a larger version of this piece, click here.