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Award of Merit Winners

Designed to enhance rather than replace a quality arts education, the Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves and to receive positive recognition for their artistic and creative efforts. California State PTA would like to congratulate the following students for their Award of Merit.


Melanie Zhang Primary / 2nd Emperor ES First District
Alexandra Hoyle Primary / 2nd Lafayette ES Second District
Siena Boehm Primary / 2nd Wonderland Avenue ES Tenth District
Rico Takahashi Intermediate / 3rd Highland Ranch ES Ninth District
Clara Carter-Klauschie Intermediate / 4th Castle Heights ES Tenth District
Julian Flores Intermediate / 3rd Apperson Street ES Thirty-First District
Phoebe Luo Middle / 8th La Canada HS First District
Karnie Liao Middle / 8th Lexington JH Fourth District
Minki Shin Middle / 8th Walter Reed MS Thirty-First District
Yinuo Xu High / 11th Arcadia HS First District
Kieran Meaney High / 12th Santa Barbara HS Fifteenth District
Joyce Shen High / 11th Irvington HS Peralta District
Tuisku Sorensen Special Artist Santa Clara HS Sixth District
Zaedin Skolak-Magee Special Artist La Entrada IS Seventeenth District
Seth Flores Special Artist William Howard Taft ES Twenty-Third District


Isabella Kurs Primary / 2nd La Canada ES First District
Kali Wilson Primary / 2nd University ES Fourteenth District
Angelica De Togni Primary / 2nd Beverly Vista ES Thirty-Third District
Clara Carter-Klauschie Intermediate / 4th Castle Heights ES Tenth District
Dylan Brewer Intermediate / 3rd Hurley ES Twenty-First District
MarKay Motto Intermediate / 4th Eastvale ES Twenty-Third District
Robin Worthington Middle / 8th Hillsdale MS Ninth District
Anneliese Wong Middle / 7th Las Colinas MS Twelfth District
Veda Jadaprolu Middle / 6th Parkmont ES Peralta District
Yamileth Lezama High / 12th John Burroughs HS First District
Amy Rushing High / 12th Bella Vista HS Third District
Lauren Tran High / 12th Laguna Beach HS Fourth District
Boaz Mindell Special Artist Alexander Hamilton ES First District
Avalon Nathan Special Artist Thousand Oaks HS Twelfth District
Hunter Trost Special Artist Beverly Hills HS Thirty-Third District


Melody Eymann Primary / 2nd Hollister School Fifteenth District
Sasha Rana Primary / 2nd Baywood ES Seventeenth District
Hannah Davis Primary / 2nd Beverly Vista ES Thirty-Third District
Jordan Javed Intermediate / 4th Thomas Jefferson ES First District
Annie Conway Intermediate / 5th Washington ES Seventeenth District
Chloe Harris Intermediate / 4th Madison ES Thirty-Third District
Rachel Gima Middle / 8th Sierra Vista MS Fourth District
Alina Shah Middle / 6th Bowditch MS Seventeenth District
Lilia Tomoff Middle / 6th Riverside STEM Academy Twenty-Third District
Caitlin Leong High / 11th Lynbrook HS Sixth District
Tim Porter High / 11th Norco HS Twenty-Third District
Cameron Sherry High / 12th Granada Hills Charter HS Thirty-First District
Maxwell Diamond Special Artist Agoura HS Twelfth District
Sophia Riva Special Artist Lisa M. Mails ES Twenty-Third District
Ifeyani Williams Special Artist Santa Monica HS Thirty-Third District


Hannah Chan Primary / 2nd Marengo ES First District
Inika Arya Primary / 2nd Live Oak ES Thirty-Second District
Saga McWilson Primary / 2nd Fair Oaks Ranch CS Thirty-Fourth District
Charlotte Yoh Intermediate / 4th Margaret Landell ES Fourth District
Harrison Forman Intermediate / 4th Brookside ES Twelfth District
Mahathi Sudhakar Intermediate / 4th Live Oak ES Thirty-Second District
Michael Wang Middle / 8th San Marino MS First District
Ishan Datta Middle / 7th Rancho San Joaquin MS Fourth District
Archimedes Li Middle / 8th Black Mountain MS Ninth District
Yoni Fogelman High / 10th John Burroughs HS First District
Sehong Park High / 11th Del Norte HS Ninth District
Nicholas Ciotola High / 10th Las Lomas HS Thirty-Second District
Taylor Cox Special Artist Huntington Beach HS Fourth District
Jackson Leake Special Artist Charles Helmers ES Thirty-Fourth District
Grace Welti Special Artist Colina MS Twelfth District


Claire Castro Primary / 1st Gallardo ES Third District
Eden West Primary / 2nd Lang Ranch ES Twelfth District
Anish Sahoo Primary / 1st Forest Park ES Peralta District
Georgia Stay Intermediate / 4th Concordia ES Fourth District
Mila Dahm Intermediate / 4th Mt. Washington ES Tenth District
Taylin Beadle Intermediate / 4th Highland ES Twenty-Third District
Emily Schwartz Middle / 8th Paul Revere MS Tenth District
Keiana Griggs Middle / 8th Hillside MS Twelfth District
Dani Relyea Middle / 7th Orcutt MS Fifteenth District
Dezirea Saenz High / 12th Los Alamitos HS Fourth District
Katherine Potz High / 12th Carlsbad HS Ninth District
Taylor Bolger High / 11th Westlake HS Twelfth District
Maliwon Manojit Special Artist Yorba Linda MS Fourth District
Violet Cruse Special Artist Sunset Hills ES Ninth District
Sophia Riva Special Artist Lisa J. Mails ES Twenty-Third District


Griffin Marchi Primary / K Kelly ES Ninth District
Maxwell Kinney Primary / 1st Lomita Magnet ES Tenth District
Sofia Mendoza Primary / 2nd Cornerstone ES Thirty-Third District
Kayden Lee Intermediate / 3rd Lomita Magnet ES Tenth District
Elena McFadden Intermediate / 4th Brookside ES Twelfth District
Elan Martinez Intermediate / 4th Los Cerritos ES Thirty-Third District
Madison Short Middle / 7th Andrew Carnegie MS Third District
Melody Wheeler Middle / 8th Madison MS Ninth District
Bailey Canham Middle / 7th Stauffer MS Thirty-Third District
Jessalyn Pardo High / 11th Orcutt Academy Fifteenth District
Andrew Simpson High / 12th Martin Luther King HS Twenty-Third District
Madeline Harris High / 9th California HS Thirty-Second District
Nicolas Guarderas Special Artist Charter Oak HS First District
Alessandro Argueta Special Artist Downey HS Thirty-Third District
Brock Kodel Special Artist Leona H. Cox CS Thirty-Fourth District