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Special Artist: All Grades

Congratulations to the California 2019 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients!


“Dil Hai Chhota Sa (In This Small Heart)” by Bipasha Dani

  • Centerville Junior High School
  • Peralta District PTA

“Heroes are all around us and my hero is my younger sister. I have dedicated this dance to her. She has been my pillar of support throughout all my medical conditions and issues. She protects me; she takes care of me, and she loves and supports me in whatever I do. She is my hero.”


“Awesome Autism Superheroes” by Zarrar Zubair

  • California Outstanding Interpretation Winner
  • Adams Elementary School
  • Fourth District PTA

“Superheroes around me help me overcome my Autism. Fly. Everyday Heroes. People who help us are the best Heroes. My Dad. My Teachers. Ms. Meyer. Ms. Ms. Kelli. Ms. Adria. My Grandma and Grandpa love me. Sahnaj helps my Grandmother eat, and do everything. Harbajan, friend. Their hands make me strong. Make me grow. I love my heroes. They are Awesome Autism Superheroes.”


“Illuminata” by Killian Hynes

  • Mira Costa High School
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

“As a non-speaking student with severe difficulties controlling motor movements, I was lucky to have Chris Willemse stick with me throughout difficult Gen-Ed environments from 4th grade all the way to 11th. Chris encountered special (education) teacher Sandy Casey. Love ensued and Chris asked Sandy to marry him, and she said yes! Last year, at a concert, blackness struck: Sandy was robbed of her life on earth by a madman’s bullet. I created this poem using my IPad and TouchChat app in honor of the heroes Sandy and Chris as testimony to their heroism at school.”

Read Killian’s literature here.


“Heroes Around Me” by Marleigh Neumeyer

  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

“I wrote this song about people who are important to me. I have diabetes and a learning delay and ADD. These are the people who make my life easier and more fun. I love singing and dancing. Amanda is my piano and singing teacher and she always helps me. Sunny teaches me jazz & tap, she is so sweet and patient when I have trouble learning the steps. My mom and dad take care of me and help me with my diabetes and we love each other very much! These people are heroes!””

Listen to Marleigh’s music here.


 “Dr. Novom” by Claire Valles

  • Park Western/Harbor Magnet Elementary School
  • Tenth District PTA

“This is my doctor. I like my doctor. A doctor is a hero.'”


“Heroes Around Me” by Ashley Segura

  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

“For my drawing for “Heroes Around Me,” I drew my mom. My mom is mostly my hero because she’s the “powerhouse” of the family. Whether it’s cooking for us, working overnight, or paying the bills to keep our home. She sacrificed so many things, just to be there for us. Both supporting & loving.”