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Special Artist: All Grades

Congratulations to the California 2017 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Special Artist division.


“Don’t Be Afraid” by Peter Tran

“My essay relates to the theme because it truly reflects my deepest feelings. I just wish I could have included more of the special people who have helped me, especially my teacher, Miss Belinda. You all are part of my story and part of who I am. I love and thank you.”


“Robot Thriller” by Brandyn Harmon

  • Grade: 11
  • Redlands East Valley High School PTSA
  • Fifth District PTA

“I’m trying to forget bad things that have happened and dancing makes me happy and calm.”


Legacy” by Taylor Cox

  • Grade: 8
  • Dwyer Middle PTSA
  • Fourth District PTA

“I thought legacy is similar to story, so this song is about leaving behind your legacy. With you story comes a legacy.”

Visual Arts

“The Colors of My Mind” by Wyatt Jackson

  • Grade: 9
  • Agoura High School Arts PTSA
  • Twelfth District PTA

“I have been painting since I was a year old. I love to use acrylic paint on recycled cartons to make my art. My mom told me I am an Eco-Artist, and I call my art WyART. Mixing different colors is my favorite thing to do. I have autism and work with my mom to raise money for other kids with autism by selling my art. My favorite artist is Picasso. He said that very child is an artist.”


 “I’m Autistic, but Autism is Not Me” by Avalon Nathan

  • Grade: 9
  • Thousand Oaks High School PTSA
  • Twelfth District PTA

“People think I can’t do things because I’m autistic. i get left out because I’m different. I want to show people to include special kids.”


“Ethan’s Furtography” by Ethan Wilson

  • Grade: 2
  • Bonsall Primary PTA
  • Ninth District PTA

“So here is my story. I’m an eight year old second grader with autism. I love animals because when I play with them I feel safe, happy and accepted. Dogs are always happy and easily make friends. I sometimes try too hard and get embarrassed and think I won’t be able to make friends. Dogs don’t think this way. The reason I took pictures of Hank and Snowball is because they live at the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary and need to get adopted. Animals helps me so much I wanted to try and help them find a home. Thank you.”