Programs + Events

Workshops and Training

Convention workshops and training sessions provide a great selection of hands-on opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and help you learn more about issues affecting children and families.

You will be able to access the workshops online until June 30th, so you will have the opportunity to take as many classes as you want, even after convention is over.

An asterisk (*) denotes workshops presented in both English and Spanish.


  • Hot Topics Affecting Our Children and Schools
  • Hot Topics in Washington D.C.
  • Local Advocacy: From Your Kids to All Children
  • What does PTA do in Sacramento Anyway?
  • You CAN Create Strong Parent Leaders. Here’s How.
  • Distance Learning & Safe School Reopening: PTA’s Response


  • Bylaws: Your GPS to Running Your PTA
  • Parliamentary Procedure: Navigating PTA Bylaws and Rules


  • Getting Started on Social Media
  • Elevating Your Social Media Skills
  • Growing Your PTA Brand
  • Cyber Security for PTA Leaders
  • Public Speaking for Effective Communication
  • Get the Word Out: How to Successfully Promote Your Event


  • Small Changes, Big Impact for Inclusion and Equity
  • Understanding Racial Equity
  • Building Bridges Through the Arts
  • Where Are You and Where Are You Headed on Your DEI Journey
  • Understanding Culture


  • Advocating for the Individual Student
  • Demystifying the Education System
  • Stand Up and Be Heard
  • Teens & Tweens: Empathetic Parenting in a Pandemic
  • What Graduates Need to Succeed
  • How to Develop Informed, Influential Student Leaders
  • Gaining the Arts Advantage
  • Arts for Every Kid: 5 Tools to Make it Happen


  • A Team Effort in Building Positive School Climate
  • Are You Feeling Engaged with Your School Site?
  • Cultivating a Culture of Engagement
  • Family Engagement: It’s the Law!
  • Programs How-To
  • School is Tough This Year: Make Family Engagement Easier
  • Screenagers


  • Creating Grief Sensitive Schools
  • Cyber Safety For Families
  • Impact Teen Drivers *
  • Vaping: Know the Facts


  • Academia Para Líderes – en Español
  • Building Your Budget *
  • Council Leadership
  • Finance for Council and District Officers
  • Finding and Motivating Volunteers
  • Fundraising – From Basic to Beyond *
  • Legal, Insurance, and Tax Aspects of PTA
  • National PTA Session (TITLE TBD)
  • President: Everything You Need to Know, Part 1 *
  • President: Everything You Need to Know, Part 2 *
  • PTA 411: What Have I Gotten Myself Into? *
  • PTA Audits: Why and How We Do Them *
  • PTA Finance: What Treasurers Need to Know, Part 1 *
  • PTA Finance: What Treasurers Need to Know, Part 2 *
  • Secretaries: PTA Minutes Make the Meeting *
  • T.E.A.M. PTA
  • Why PTA Matters
  • Everything You Need to Know About Compliance *
  • Taxes…A Non-Profit Necessity *
  • Using MYPTEZ Made Simple


  • #PTA is our Brand
  • 123’s and the ABC’s of Membership
  • Influencer Marketing
  • How to Make Membership Matter


  • “I Will Change the World By….” – Run a Successful Reflections Program


  • We All Want to Change the World: Resolutions


  • The Magic of Family Engagement, Education and Empowerment


This list is current as of April 13, 2021, and is subject to change.