Programs + Events

Criteria and Procedures


Criteria used to determine a candidate’s eligibility to be invited to the forum as recommended by the League of Women Voters:

  • The Secretary of State official qualification as a candidate
  • The filing of a “Statement of Intent to Run” (SOS Form 501) in conjunction with the filing of a “Statement of Organization” (SOS Form 410) and the existence of an active Campaign Committee that is in compliance with California’s campaign disclosure requirements
  • A formal declaration of candidacy
  • Existence of campaign headquarters, telephone, website, staff, and schedule of appearances
  • A campaign bank account and campaign treasurer
  • A campaign website and/or other campaign material that articulates views on issues
  • Polling at four percent or higher of “Likely Voters” with UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS).

Procedures and Ground Rules

  • The forum begins at 3:00 p.m. Candidates arrive along with moderator at 2:15 p.m. and may park and enter through the loading dock at the back of the convention center (see map). Candidates will be greeted and escorted by a member of the PTA Legislation team
  • California State PTA will perform the random lot draw for both podium placement/speaking order and the order of the additional random questions (based on the rubric below) via Facebook Live the week prior to the forum. This video will be posted on the California State PTA Facebook page for public viewing
    1. Speaking order will rotate based on lot draw to ensure no one candidate is speaking first or last in all questions. Watch the Facebook LIVE video
    2. The order of the random 12 questions will be based on the lot draw to eliminate potential bias for questions. Watch the Facebook LIVE video
    3. Candidates not in attendance will be pulled from speaking rotation
Opening Remarks First Common Question Second Common Question First Random Question Second Random Question Closing Remarks
Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3 Candidate 4 – RQ1 Candidate 5 – RQ7 Candidate 6
Candidate 2 Candidate 3 Candidate 4 Candidate 5 – RQ2 Candidate 6 – RQ8 Candidate 1
Candidate 3 Candidate 4 Candidate 5 Candidate 6 – RQ3 Candidate 1 – RQ9 Candidate 2
Candidate 4 Candidate 5 Candidate 6 Candidate 1 – RQ4 Candidate 2 – RQ10 Candidate 3
Candidate 5 Candidate 6 Candidate 1 Candidate 2 – RQ5 Candidate 3 – RQ11 Candidate 4
Candidate 6 Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3 – RQ6 Candidate 3 – RQ12 Candidate 5
  • Moderator will explain the purpose of the forum to the audience and the non-partisanship policy of California State PTA and Policy Analysis for California Education
  • Moderator will explain the Facebook Live lot draw process and speaking order (based on rubric above)
  • Moderator briefly describes the office the candidates are seeking
  • Moderator will explain to the audience the timekeeping procedure. Each candidate will have two (2) minutes to make an opening statement. The timekeeper will signal one minute before allotted time has elapsed. When all time has elapsed, timekeeper will signal again. Each candidate will be given three (3) minutes for a closing statement. Moderator will explain the time the meeting is to terminate (4:30 p.m.)
  • Moderator will read a written statement not to exceed two-minutes of any candidate unable to attend in place of opening remarks. Substitute speakers will not be allowed
    • Question/topic guidelines:
      1. Candidates will have two (2) minutes to answer. Timekeeper will signal at the end of allotted time
      2. The first two questions will be identical for all candidates and will be provided in advance
        • Question 1: California consistently ranks near the bottom among the states in K-12 education spending per pupil. Raising per pupil spending to the national average would cost billions of additional dollars each year; raising per pupil spending to the level of states like New York or Massachusetts would cost many billions more. Is it acceptable to you that California currently ranks 41st in per pupil spending and low in test scores, and—if not—what specific revenue sources would you identify that would support increased education spending in our state?
        • Question 2: The Legislature adopted the Local Control Funding Formula in 2013. The LCFF made big changes in the way we fund schools, and in how we hold schools accountable.  Five years later a new Governor will face tremendous pressure to make changes to the LCFF.  What specific changes, if any, to California’s current funding and accountability policies would you support, and what specific features of the LCFF do you believe should be protected?
      3. The final two questions will be assigned randomly based on the Facebook Live lot draw (see rubric) and will not be provided to candidates in advance
    • All questions will deal with education issues
    • There will be no questions from the audience
  • A table outside the meeting space will be provided at which candidates may leave campaign literature, as long as copies of materials are pre-approved by PTA. No other distribution of campaign literature is allowed within the California State PTA convention venue.


  • RSVP to Ashley Stidham at by April 26. Seating is limited
  • Questions about the forum may be directed to Michelle Eklund at
  • Check-in onsite at the Press/Communications Booth. Media will be escorted
  • Reporters and photographers will be seated in an assigned area near the stage with an opportunity to take photos
  • No flash photography during the forum
  • Non-flash photography via mobile devices is permissible and encouraged during the  forum for use on social media platforms, using #PTAvotes
  • PTA members and officers cannot be displayed for commercial or advertising use on any medium at any time
  • A media room is available for interviews following the forum
  • Official representatives of California State PTA and PACE will be available for comment
  • Audience feedback or reaction is personal in nature and does not represent the opinion of California State PTA or PACE
  • Participation or sponsorship in this event does not denote endorsement of gubernatorial candidates by either California State PTA or PACE.

*Subject to change. Participation or sponsorship in this event does not  denote endorsement of gubernatorial candidates by either California State PTA or PACE.