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COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Families

Parents, we know you are on triple duty—working, parenting and teaching from home—all while striving to keep your household healthy, fed and mentally balanced. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these resources for you and your kids!


Just because your kids are away from school doesn’t mean learning has to end. And it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your living room into an all-day classroom, either. If you have internet access, the following websites will provide your kids with hours of self-directed educational activities, games, videos and lessons that can help them stay busy, engaged and entertained.

If your family (or a family you know) doesn’t have internet access at home, please click here to learn about low-cost and free options in your area.


Our partners at Create CA have curated an amazing selection of resources that allow kids to learn about and engage with the arts while homeschooling, or just stuck at home. Not only are they educational, but they can relieve stress and allow kids to pass time in fun and productive ways.

The #CreateAtHome website offers a comprehensive – but not overwhelming – array of collections and activities split into six categories, with at least four resources per section:

  • Integrated and General
  • Visual and Media Arts
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Arts for Healing
  • Arts Educators and Professionals

Click here to see all the categories.

Learning from home sites:

Virtual field trips:

Podcasts for elementary, middle and high school students:

Free downloadable educational coloring pages:

More resources:


Here are a few things to keep in mind during this time of social distancing:

  • Children take their cues from the adults around them, so it is important to remain calm and talk to them about what is going on in an age appropriate way. Children become anxious when the adults around them are anxious.
  • Experts say children feel better when they have some control over what is going on. By letting them choose what they eat, wear, read and watch on TV, you are helping to keep them calm and confident.
  • Spend some time outside running, walking or bike riding to get fresh air, burn off excess energy, and keep “cabin fever” at bay. Just remember to stay a safe distance from passers-by.

These insightful articles gathered by National PTA can help families alleviate the mental and physical stress they are likely experiencing right now:


Staying physically active and eating right while in lockdown mode is essential to getting through it. The following resources offer a road map to eating well and getting enough exercise in the less-than-ideal conditions we all find ourselves in right now:

(Please note that these links take you to websites that are neither run by nor endorsed by California State PTA.)