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COVID-19 Resources for Parents and Families

Parents, if we have learned nothing else through the months of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that life is often less than predictable. The things we hope for or expect may not be what we have to deal with. Keeping our kids happy and thriving can be a challenge in that reality. On this page we have collected resources that we hope will make it all a bit easier for you and for your kids.


Last updated August 2021

Back-to-School Guidance from the California Department of Public Health

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website offers up-to-the-minute information, guidance and recommendations for the safe reopening of K-12 schools, including vaccine and quarantine recommendations, masking, social distancing, testing, and more.

CA Safe Schools for All

California’s Safe Schools for All website consolidates key resources and information related to COVID-19 and schools. New resources are added to on a routine basis. Click here to visit the homepage, or click here to go directly to the Parent Page.

CCEE and PACE Reports on Distance Learning and School Reopening


Last updated February 2022

Here are a few things to keep in mind as this time of uncertainty and social distancing continues:

  • Children take their cues from the adults around them, so it is important to remain calm and talk to them about what is going on in an age-appropriate way. Children become anxious when the adults around them are anxious.
  • Experts say children feel better when they have some control over what is going on. By letting them choose what they eat, wear, read and watch on TV, you are helping to keep them calm and confident.
  • Spend some time outside running, walking or bike riding to get fresh air and burn off excess energy. Throughout the pandemic health experts have shared that being outside, including gathering with others outside, is a safe and healthy option.

These insightful articles and podcasts suggested by National PTA can help families alleviate the mental and physical stress they are likely experiencing right now:

Other excellent resources:


Last updated August 2021

The pandemic made clear that learning doesn’t start or end at school. Parents have always been their children’s first teacher and now we all understand how important that is. Facing closed schools, many organizations created wonderful resources for learning at home, resources that remain valuable for families even when schools are open again.

If you have internet access, the following websites will provide hours of great educational activities, games, videos and lessons.
If your family (or a family you know) doesn’t have internet access at home, please click here to learn about low-cost and free options in your area.


Our partners at Create CA have curated an amazing selection of resources that allow kids to learn about and engage with the arts while homeschooling, or just stuck at home. Not only are they educational, but they can relieve stress and allow kids to pass time in fun and productive ways.

The #CreateAtHome website offers a comprehensive – but not overwhelming – array of collections and activities.

CA State PTA Resource Library

Here you’ll find a searchable online library that includes a wealth of learning activities, including everything from virtual museum tours, to reading lists, to fun hands-on science activities families can do at home. We add new resources all the time and also welcome your suggestions. Take a few minutes to explore now, but be careful! Our Resource Library can be habit forming!

(Please note that these links take you to websites that are neither run by nor endorsed by California State PTA.)