Leg Con 2021: Legislator Visits


FEBRUARY 10-12, 2021

We have designated February 10-12 for your legislator visits. These visits are an important part of the conference and an essential part of your learning experience. The following information should provide you everything you need to schedule a successful visit with your legislator.

Steps to scheduling a visit with your legislator

  1. Check with your District President or District Legislation Chair/VP to see if they are arranging legislator visits for all the delegates from your district. If you don’t know who to contact, let me know!
  2. If visits are not being arranged by your District, you will need to arrange your own.
    • If you don’t know who your legislators are, enter your address here to find out.
    • Click on the link for your legislator and locate the contact information for their district or capitol office. Call the capitol office and ask to speak with the person who schedules appointments for the Senator or Assembly member.
      • Tell them your name and that you would like to schedule a 15-30 minute meeting with the Senator/Assembly member as part of the California State PTA Legislation Conference.
      • Let the office know that you are a constituent.
      • Is the legislator unavailable? Then let them know you would love to meet with a staffer!
      • Find out whether the legislator’s office will be setting up and providing you with the virtual meeting link or if you are expected to set up the virtual meeting. For information on how to sign up for a free Zoom account and schedule your first meeting, check out this webpage: Getting started guide for new users.
      • Find out the protocol for emailing information in advance of the meeting. Email the office a copy of the California State PTA “Equity Agenda” and “Legislation Team Roster.”
    • Send your scheduled meeting(s) information to legislation@capta.org
    • Are you the only person from your District who is attending the legislation conference? Would you like a member of the Legislation Team to attend your scheduled meeting with you? Please let me know and we will make arrangements for one of us to attend with you.

Materials to email to your legislator before your meeting:

Sample Visit With a Legislator

Want to see what a legislator visit looks like? Watch our advocates as they visit with State Senator Portantino via Zoom.

Use the Legislator Visit Organizer to structure your visit. Here are a few tips to use in preparing for your meeting:

  • Select a Team Leader who will open the meeting, introduce other PTA members present and close the meeting with a thank you.
  • Assign a Note Taker who takes notes and completes the “Report on Legislator Meetings.”
  • You are not expected to communicate all of the “Talking Points,” but use the document to discuss and decide what points your group wants to convey to the legislator, providing personal stories from your community that connect to some of the points.
  • Please allow time for your legislator to share ideas.
  • Write a personal thank you note to the legislator and staff. Please mention that your local PTA hopes the legislator can join you at future PTA meetings in your community.
  • Remember, your legislator wants to know what is happening in your community and as PTA members, you are the experts!

As you can see from our sample video, it helps to do some background research on your legislator and to thank them for previous support of PTA issues.

Supporting Documents