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Sacramento Update: Advocacy News from California State PTA

Year-End Legislation Action Report

This year, California State PTA took positions on more than 120 bills in the California Legislature, of which 34 were signed and approved. As we work to meet our organizational and advocacy goals, this is a great win for PTA and for all children and families.

View California State PTA’s end-of-session Legislation Action Report for 2017.

Highlights from the 2017 Session

Signed and Supported by California State PTA:

  • AB 10 (Cristina Garcia): This bill requires any public school, serving grades 6-12 with at least 40 percent of student body of free/reduced lunch, to provide feminine hygiene products free of charge. California State PTA supported this bill as an equity issue to eliminate any barriers for students from fully participating in their studies or sports activities.
  • AB 480 (Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher): This bill adds diapers to the lists of supportive services that would be covered by CalWORKS. California State PTA supported this bill because of the necessity and expense of diapers, and our primary goal to advocate and protect the most vulnerable children.
  • SB 751 (Jerry Hill): This bill adjusts the Reserve Cap implemented on local School Districts in 2014. California State PTA has long supported a remedy to this issue and allowing local school districts to budget for the needs of their community and students.

Bills to Watch Next Year:

  • AB 1217 (Raul Bocanegra/Anthony Portantino): This misguided attempt at creating a new STEM school in Los Angeles and subverting every local agency was strongly opposed by California State PTA and could potentially return in 2018. California State PTA has long supported public charters that are developed, evaluated and held accountable by their local communities. This bill circumvents all local contributions and oversight.
  • SB 328 (Anthony Portantino): California State PTA will continue to work with the bill’s author in hopes of encouraging the State to recognize how crucial a later start time is for the health and well-being of our students in grades 6-12.

About the California State PTA Legislation Action Committee

California State PTA Legislation Action Committee (LAC) meets during the legislative session, and takes action on pending state and federal legislation based on PTA’s priorities and adopted authorities.

For more information, please refer to the Advocacy section of California State PTA Toolkit. Click here to view currently adopted positions on legislation. For more information, or to inquire if a bill is under consideration by the California State PTA, contact the Director of Legislation at