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State Ballot Measures

California State PTA supports California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act and encourages PTA members to get involved in the campaign.

This initiative will change how commercial and industrial property is taxed and raise between $6 billion and 10 billion to support our schools (40 percent) and other local governments (60 percent).

“Our schools have been desperately underfunded for years, and we need this measure to ensure our children have the resources they need in order to learn.

“PTA believes it is necessary to close corporate loopholes that are starving our schools of much needed funding, so that our schools have resources to give our young people a world-class education. We urge parents and families across the state to support this act to give classrooms – and our children – the funding they need.” – California State PTA President Dianna MacDonald

What does this initiative do?

The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act would tax certain commercial and industrial real property based on fair-market value— rather than, under current law, the purchase price with limited inflation.

  • It exempts agricultural property and certain small businesses.
  • It dedicates portion of any increased revenue to local services and to supplement, not replace, state’s minimum-funding guarantee to schools.
  • It provides tax exemption for $500,000 worth of tangible personal property used for business and all personal property used for certain small businesses.


Signature Gathering

The Schools and Communities First Campaign is organizing signature gathering to qualify this for the ballot. Here’s how you can get involved:

Stay Informed



Campaign Restrictions:  Use of school resources

There are strict restrictions against using school district resources for political activity.   This includes, for example, advocating for a ballot measure on school property and communicating advocacy information using school resources such as school email, web site, etc.

You may gather signatures OFF school property and hold PTA meetings OFF school property for advocacy.  You may use your PTA web site and PTA email to distribute information to your members.  Please contact your school district for rules and permit requirements for any political activity on school property.