Privacy and Linking Policy

California State PTA Privacy Policy for Members

  • California State PTA does not sell or rent member information to anyone
  • To help provide more value for PTA membership, sponsors and allied agencies may receive limited and restricted opportunities to communicate with our members.

California State PTA Linking Policy

The purpose of the California State PTA website, electronic publications and social media are to provide information that is helpful and easily accessible. Link to and from PTA web-based materials are generally encouraged, though some restrictions and disclaimers are appropriate to protect the integrity of the PTA content and brand name.

PTA reserves the right to remove a link at any time without cause. Send inquires to info@capta.org.

California State PTA Permissions Policy

California State PTA e-communications come to members via the Internet or email as a service of California State PTA in the furtherance of its nonprofit and tax-exempt status. Unless otherwise, noted, PTAs may reproduce and distribute the materials from the California State PTA website for PTA use without express written permission. California State PTA materials may not be duplicated by any other organization or person without permission. PTA e-newsletters may be emailed for personal and noncommerical use.