California State PTA Honored with National Award for Outstanding Advocacy Efforts


March 12, 2015

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Promoting meaningful parent involvement in education funding decisions

ARLINGTON, VA – National PTA honored California State PTA  with its Outstanding State Advocacy Award for ensuring parents are part of school budget and decision-making processes.

California State PTA’s support for changes in how schools are funded and how parents are involved helped contribute to the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) law passed by the California State Legislature and signed by the governor in 2013. Following the passage of the new law, California State PTA made it a priority to raise awareness among all parents about the new law and the opportunity for parents to participate in development of their school districts’ Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). These efforts included a wide range of resources, videos and trainings in multiple languages for parents and school leaders, as well as the development of a California-specific version of the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships Assessment Guide. PTA leaders also testified before the State Board of Education regarding proposed regulations.

The most sweeping change in school funding in decades, the LCFF incorporated many of the systematic proposals sought by California State PTA, including:

  • Allowing for more local decisions on how funds are spent
  • Requiring parent and community involvement in funding decisions
  • Targeting funds toward students most in need, and
  • Calling for greater transparency and accountability for how money is spent.

“PTA has been working hard to educate all parents and families about the new school funding law, their increased responsibility under the law and the need to be stronger advocates for their children and schools,” said California State PTA Vice President for Education Patty Scripter.

Scripter and California State PTA Director of Legislation Kathy Moffat accepted the recognition at the National PTA Legislative Conference in Arlington last night on March 11.

“As with all our advocacy, our work on this issue was a true team effort to help all California kids and families,” said Moffat. “Parents, teachers and many other concerned community members joined together to ensure families have a seat at the table when it comes to decisions that will affect our children, our schools and – ultimately – our state.”

“California State PTA exemplifies what it means to speak up and take action, and its efforts have truly made a difference for education and the lives and futures of our nation’s children,” said National PTA President Otha Thornton.