California State PTA Comments on Robles-Wong v. California

January 28, 2016

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SACRAMENTO – Oral arguments in Robles-Wong v. California took place in the Court of Appeal in San Francisco on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016. At issue in this case is whether the fundamental right to an education – a right which was articulated by the California Supreme Court more than 45 years ago – requires the State to provide our students an education that gives them an opportunity to succeed in the global economy and to become informed citizens able to participate in civic and social life.

As a plaintiff in the case, California State PTA President Justine Fischer offered the following statement:

“We were pleased to finally have our case heard by the court of appeal and gratified that the court expanded the amount of time allowed for this important case.

“The court was very engaged and had obviously given substantial thought to the issues. The argument focused extensively on the meaning of the Education Article in our state constitution and the constitutional standard to be applied.

“California’s health and wellbeing depends upon an educated citizenry. And, although funding for education has increased somewhat since the depths of the recession, California’s schools still remain substantially under-funded and under-resourced by all measures.

“California State PTA believes that state funding must be adequate to ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed and that we begin to close the opportunity and achievement gap.

“We remain optimistic that the court will affirm the state’s obligation to provide an adequate education for California’s students and return the matter to the superior court for trial.”

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