California State PTA Board-Elect 2017-2019

Congratulations! In April 2017, convention delegates elected leaders to the 2017-2019 California State PTA Board of Directors.

  • Dianna MacDonald, President
  • Celia Jaffe, President-elect
  • Tom Horn, Vice President for Leadership Services
  • Carol Green, Vice President for Membership Services
  • Brad Waller, Vice President for Communications
  • Julie Redmond, Vice President for Special Events
  • Shereen Walter, Vice President for Health & Community Concerns
  • Mary Perry, Vice President for Education
  • Lynn Miyamoto, Vice President for Family Engagement
  • Deborah Johnson, Secretary
  • Kathy Corzine, Treasurer
  • Maggie Steel, Parliamentarian
  • Lea Darrah, Director of Legislation
  • Martha Deutsch, Chair of the District Presidents
  • Sherry Skelly Griffith, Executive Director