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Middle School: Grades 6-8

Congratulations to the California 2016 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Middle School division.


“Blank Pages” by Hannah Jeoung

My piece of literature outlines a story about a girl who lets her imagination soar while trying to paint a perfect picture. I based it on one of my struggles, which is trying to make an
artwork or piece of literature that I felt a connection with. By combining two of my favorite hobbies, art and writing, I feel as if I am closer to finding that spark of connection with my own works of art.


“Imagination” by Ashley DeJulio

  • Grade: 6
  • Eastvale Elementary PTA
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

This dance choreography ties in with the theme, let your imagination fly, because it’s about a man who is imagining this girl with him in his dreams. Performed and Choreographed by me, Ashley DeJulio.



“Night Horseman” by Marcello Severo

  • Grade: 8
  • Stanley Middle School PTA
  • Thirty-Second District. PTA

While writing this song, I let my imagination fly. After getting a bit of inspiration, I let out a stream of creativity to guide and allowed my imagination to take me where it wanted to go. Nothing held me back except for the limits of my own imagination.

Visual Arts

“Dreaming Impossible” by Serena Chan

  • Grade: 7
  • Oak Avenue Intermediate School PTA
  • First District PTA

My work relates to the theme because it is showing impossible imagination, floating to the sky. The girls had this imagination since
they were young to old. She kept believing and she did it!


“Never Look Back” by Diego Johnson

  • Grade: 6
  • Lakewood Elementary PTA
  • Eight District PTA

My imagination flew and I love where it brought me. And the song relates too.



“Seeing Beyond” by Isabelle Blevins

  • Grade: 7
  • Beechwood School PTSA
  • Fourth District PTA

My photograph shows the theme, Letting Your Imagination Fly, by creating something that shows seeing beyond whats right in front of you.