Programs + Events

High School: Grades 9-12

Congratulations to the California 2016 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the High School division.


“A Kingdom in the Clouds” by David Ford

This essay describes my life in Eureka, CA, and how that experience taught me to be creative and use my imagination.


“Color” by Ally Stay

  • Grade: 10
  • San Clemente High PTSA
  • Fourth District PTA

In my dance Jillia (the girl in all black) lives in a world without color or imagination. Throughout the dance the other 3 girls share some of their creativity with her by painting her. By the end of the dance Jillia let’s her imagination fly.


“La Nocturne des Reves” by Karna Mendoca

  • Grade: 10
  • Amador Valley High School PTSA
  • Peralta District PTA

“La Nocturne des Rēves” is French for “The Night of Dreams.” For me, dreams are when my imagination flies most freely. This nocturne captures some of the visions that I see, the ideas that run through my head, and most importantly, the music that I hear, during the night.

Visual Arts

“Drawn To Life” by Christopher Cross

  • Grade: 10
  • Laguna Hills High School PTSA
  • Fourth District PTA

My piece demonstrates the universality of imagination – I chose to portray a child soldier to exemplify this. Despite the tribulations one faces, wonder can still bless a life – even one of poverty and war. Although one’s freedom may be restricted, a mind will always be unfettered. The child soldier’s drawing are coming to life, as he (quite literally) lets his imagination fly.



“A Glimps Ahead” by Brandon Finney

  • Grade: 11
  • Palos Verdes High PTSA
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

Children have explosive imaginations. What happens when a boy envisions his entire life ahead of him…?



“Mind Blown (Away)” by Vincent Vu

  • Grade: 12
  • Burbank High PTSA
  • First District PTA

From being a student, I’ve learned that paying attention in class can be difficult. As we start spacing out, our minds slowly break away from reality and we
start to imagine ourselves doing things that our hearts desire.