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Special Artist: All Grades

Congratulations to the California 2016 Reflections Art Program Award of Excellence recipients in the Special Artist division.


“Trying to Fall Asleep:  Let Your Imagination Fly!” by Peter Tran

I came up with this poem because I have autism, and trouble falling asleep is a common problem. My mom taught me how to use my imagination to get away from repetitive or racing thoughts, so I applied it to my challenge of falling asleep. The form of the rhyme is ABCB, with an internal rhyme in each third line. I hope this poem helps other kids who can’t sleep.


“Dance Choreography” by Karina Bengco

  • Grade: 13
  • San Ramon Valley High PTSA
  • Thirty-Second District PTA

I believe I was born to be a wonderful and graceful dancer. It’s a good video, watch it you’ll love it.


Pegasus” by Taylor Cox

  • Grade: 7
  • Dwyer Middle PTSA
  • Fourth District PTA

I created this piece because Pegasus is imaginary, and he has wings. So what better than a flying horse. It’s imaginary, and it can fly.

Visual Arts

“I want everyone to like me” by Matthew Bang

  • Grade: 3
  • Towers Elementary PTA
  • Thirty-Third District PTA

I like to say “Hi” to everyone with a smile. I like talking to my friends. I like all of my friends. I do not know my friends and everyone who I meet has the same feelings as I am. I sometimes see not so nice people, not saying “Hi” and not so sweet friends making faces. I drew my friends and all of the people I meet. I imagine they all like me forever with a smile. That makes me very happy. I will smile first and say “Hi” to all my friends and all the people.


 by Ethan Hunt

  • Grade: 9
  • Upland Highlanders High PTSA
  • Fifth District PTA

I like the way superboy helps people. I would like to be able to fly and help the world and stop crime. I like playing piano to bring joy to the world.


“The Big Sky” by Ezekiel Dyer

  • Grade: K
  • Antelope Hills Elementary PTA
  • Twenty-Third District PTA

I love to take pictures of the clouds, because you never know what you will see.