PTA Honor Roll

In honor of promotion or graduation, take a look at the Golden State PTA members who made the PTA Honor Roll.



Justin Eklund

We’re proud of you and can’t wait to see what 8th grade year will bring you.

Scarlett Darrah

So proud of your hard work in all aspects of your life! Love Mom & Dad

Stephen Fischer

Congratulations! Proud of your achievement

Jesse Oliver

Great things ahead!

Adriana Stough

Your future looks bright!

Mari Waller

Congratulations on your graduation from the finest high school in the South Bay – Love, Mom and Dad

Sara Balam

You Can Do It!

Emilia Balam

You Got This!

Aiden McShane

Here’s to another great year of school!

Hannah Romero

Always Proud of You

Madison Cross

Thank you for helping Dad with our PTA advocacy

Isabela Susana Estrada-Gamez

We are Proud of your accomplishments

Christopher Gasparyan

Great job! Good things are waiting for you! XOXO

Rayan Benhouhou

It’s been a struggle but we’re so proud you made it

Gabriela A. Gonzalez

Welcome to Legacy Vapa High School

Carol Ruley

Christopher A. Elliot

As you head off to OSU, remember that California will always be your home base!!

Rohan Chava

Sarah Davari

We are proud of your accomplishments

Antonio Davari

We are proud of your accomplishments

Cristina Marie Jones

I am proud of you and all your hard work and dedication…I can’t wait to see what middle school bring you ….love always Mom

Taylor Monnig

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Congratulations and Happy Graduation! Class of 2017! Love, Mom, Dad & Trin

Amalie Cohen Vein

Superb academic year once again! Kudos for all your contribution to the community and charity events.!

Brandon D. Trieu

Welcome to PTA!

Connor S. Trieu

Welcome to PTA!

Libi Ippolito

Way to go Miss Libs! So proud of you.

Danielle Swaisgood

Congratulations on Honor Roll all three years of Middle School!

Kady L. Elliot

I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments Kady!!

Candice Gillespie

Congratulations! We are so proud of all your hard work. Love Brandy & Dad

Nicolas E. Castillo-Davidson

Congratulations on an amazing freshman year.

Kim Freid

Meriel Klinkner

Great job this year in 7th grade!

Emily Bonner

Duke Dawkins

You did it!

Amrita and Akash Das

Julia Storm

Bhavya Kamisetty

Go Warwick!!

Julionna Marie Redondo

This is a special recognition for passing all 3 MAPS

Theresa Miele

Sean Russell

Each and everyday you make a difference in the world!

Nikolai Pravikoff

We believe in you!